Technical details


45 minutes


Space requirements

Height at least 6 meters

Width at least 9 meters

Depth at least 8 meters


A backdrop is preferable, but not mandatory.

We need some sort of coulisse, a place to change clothes and store the roue cyr in the middle of the show. 


We need dance mats to cover the floor.


Rigging points

Two at least 1000 kg rigging points in the ceiling


Sound technics

3,5 mm sound cable (aux) and PA-system.



Lighting will be planned according the possibilities of the performing space.



Within Finland the performing group will bring their own equipment (a bench, drumming kit and other musical instruments, roue cyr, ring trapeze, aerial straps).

Outside Finland we will bring at least the musical insruments, roue cyr, ring trapeze and aerial straps. In this case we would need a steady bench provided by the organizer.



We would need the space approximately 2 hours before the performance.

That time would include setting the space, rigging and warming up.