the Lazyback Company


From Vantaa, Finland

Born in 1989 in the deep forests of Vantaa. She has a long background as a dancer before entering SaSak in Lahti in 2015 and the wild and versatile world of circus. Enjoys interdisciplinary arts, hiking in the nature and laughing at inappropriate things. Specializes in aerial hoop (cerceau, sörssö).

Photo: Jaakko Pöytäniemi


From Oulu, Finland

After the year of 1991, when she was born, she has been a competitive gymnast, highschooler, baccalaureate and a circus artist. From Salpaus Circus Artist Education she graduated on swinging trapeze and hand to hand. Wild stories tell that you might want to think twice before challenging her into a wrestling match.


From Tuusula, Finland

When jumping into circus world at the age of 20 this part-time musician didn't have any clue where he was heading. He still doesn't, but the urge towards getting to know himself better through the art of circus keeps on pushing him forwards. After graduating SaSak in Lahti 2018, Armas has been spinning with his wheel and throwing people around with group Arctic Ensemble.


From Imatra, Finland

Was born in 1995 in Imatra, South-Carelia. He started doing circus as a hobby at age of 10. His passion for performing drove him to study circus at Salpaus Circus Artist Education (SaSaK) where he specialized in aerial straps and hand to hand. He graduated in 2018 and looks good also without a shirt.



From Lappeenranta, Finland

Elias entered the group through his brother Anselmi. As a musician he has always been interested in collaborating with other performing artists, circus being no exception. His job is to support the performance with rhythmic backbone, reactive drum whirls and weird philosophical monologues.

Photo: Henri Juvonen

Photo: Jaakko Pöytäniemi


From Helsinki, Finland

Lost my heart irreversibly to circus in my twentieth autumn. I graduated from SaSak 2018 and since then have educated myself all around Europe in dance acrobatics, handstands and artistic expression. I also like performing music, theatre and dance and by incorporating a multitude of art forms I hope to continue to contribute unique and compelling creative ideas into the wonderful world of circus.


From Lappeenranta, Finland

I am a 23-year-old circus artist currently living in Lahti. I have a long history of circus and sportsy hobbies of all sorts. I am a professional carpenter and a kick-ass acrobat. I have a nice personality but I don't understand deadlines so my friends had to write this for me. 

Photo: Otso Heinonen