Photo credits: Mikko Pirinen & Johan Neven (modified)


The show has been built on images of being a Finn: full of extraordinary contradictions. For example, when a group of Finnish individuals is standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus they normally have a very fixed sense of the required personal space, being possibly meters - but then again in a public sauna one can sit next to a naked stranger in a steamed room without the tiniest bit of hesitation. One rule applies to both situations: you do not talk unless it is necessary. In Finland “silence is golden” and small talk is very much not in use.

The show tries to find humour from the awkward nature of social situations and the Finnish incapability of handling basic interaction resulting in the wildest scenarios.


Process was much about brainstorming together and throwing a lot of ideas and in the end picking up our favourites to use. Many ideas stem from our school time together - classes of expression, juggling improvisation and acrobatics.

Our group formed slowly by the consistent habit of Tuesday sauna nights and a blooming love for the awkwardness.


The name of the show is ambiguous like many other Finnish words.  It is a compound word where väli means a gap, a space or a distance and matka means journey, trip, tour, voyage or way. Together it means a distance or a space in between.

Video shooting and editing: Mikko Pirinen / Music: Elias Kaisanlahti


Kuva suomalaisuudesta on täynnä kiehtovia kontrasteja, joiden päälle esitys on rakennettu. Esimerkiksi bussipysäkillä odotellessaan suomalaisen henkilökohtainen tilantarve saattaa ylittää metrin jos toisenkin, kun taas saunassa saatetaan epäröimättä istua ilkialasti tuntemattoman viereen. 

Kaikkiin kohtaamisiin tuntuu kuitenkin liittyvän tyypillinen piirre: vaikeneminen on kultaa. Suomalaiselle tyhjänpäiväinen sananvaihto olisi suurempi tuska kuin vaivaantunut vaikeneminen - tästä kumpuavasta kiusaantuneisuudesta on ammennettu esitykseen huumoria. 



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